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Where We Live with John Dankosky, WNPR, Hartford | January 4, 2012
Where IS The Beef?: A health, economic and environmental perspective | November 16, 2011
A hospital disease spreads to schoolchildren,” Taylor Kubota

Futureproof with Jonathan McCrea, | October 29, 2011
Fact-checking Contagion

Good Food with Evan Kleiman, KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, California | Oct. 22, 2011
Six new strains of E. coli

True South, WGAU-AM, Athens, Georgia | October 1, 2011
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KPCC-FM, Los Angeles | September 29, 2011
The drug-resistant superbug that won’t die

Skeptically Speaking, CJSR-FM, Edmonton, Alberta | August 28, 2011
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The Christopher Gabriel Program, WDAY-AM | June 7, 2011
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Futureproof with Jonathan McCrea, | May 27, 2011

Carol Cruzan Morton, Vector (Children’s Hospital Boston) | December 3, 2010
“Holiday book guide: Biomedical page turners” Read the article

T. Delene Beeland, The Charlotte Observer | November 7, 2010
“An emerging superpathogen threatens us all” Read the article

The Fresh and Local Show with Susan Berkson and Bonnie Dehn | October 23, 2010
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Frederik Joelving, Reuters Health | October 20, 2010
“MRSA superbug much more common in U.S. than UK” Read the article

Meredith Resnick, More than Caregiving, Psychology Today | October 3, 2010
“A hospital is no place for the sick. Ways to make it better”
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The Food Sleuth with Melinda Hemmelgarn, KOPN-FM | September 30, 2010
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The Agenda with Steve Paiken, TV Ontario | September 28, 2010
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Dan Heyman, Public News Service | September 20, 2010
“Doctors: Superbugs from Factory Farms Dangerous”
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Coast to Coast AM with George Noory | September 13, 2010
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WNEG-TV, Athens, Georgia | September 2, 2010
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Phil Kloer, Arts Critic ATL | September 1, 2010
“Scientifically dense, richly reported and full of heartbreaking stories of victims and their families, Superbug is not an easy read, but it is a compelling one.”
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Barth Anderson, The Mix, Minneapolis | September 2010
“The book reads like a thriller: MRSA, a drug resistant form of the staph bug, kills 19,000 people yearly, and medical practitioners around the globe fear that MRSA’s ever-growing resistance will soon render antibiotics powerless to stop it. Equally disturbing is the fact that “factory farming” and livestock antibiotics play key roles in the MRSA epidemic.”
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Joe VanHoose, Athens Banner-Herald | August 31, 2010
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Yee Huang, Center for Progressive Reform | August 18, 2010
Superbug provides a vivid and gripping account of the spread of MRSA and should be required reading at the US Food and Drug Administration.” Read the post

Leslie Kruempel, Simple Good and Tasty | August 18, 2010
“After reading Superbug I’m eager to learn more about agriculture’s contribution to antibiotic resistance… It’s clear there are still many unknowns, particularly where our food chain is involved. This book helps lay a groundwork of understanding, which will be important for us to have as the issue of antibiotic resistance grows in urgency. This will likely happen far before any of us are ready for it.” Read the post

The Week | August 17, 2010
“The new superbug — and the end of antibiotics”
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The Takeaway with John Hockenberry, WYNC | August 13, 2010
“The ‘Superbug’: Imagining A World Without Effective Antibiotics”
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CNBC | August 12, 2010
“Warning to Travelers About New, Drug-Resistant ‘Superbug'” Read the article by Maryn

Scott Hensley, SHOTS: NPR’s Health Blog | August 12, 2010
“Maryn McKenna, our go-to geek on bacterial resistance…” Read the post

Marshall Allen, Las Vegas Sun | August 12, 2010
“We’re the ones who are out there. Our lives are entrusted to them.” Read the article

Frederik Joelving, Reuters Health | August 11, 2010
“Hospital superbug infections on the decline” Read the article

The State of Nevada, KNPR-FM, Las Vegas | July 22, 2010
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“Meat on Drugs,” The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC-FM | July 21, 2010
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Follow-up post by fellow guest Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine

Rebecca Jones, Education News Colorado | July 6, 2010
“Middle schoolers tackle epidemiology” Read the article

Joanne Kenen, The New Health Dialogue | July 2, 2010
“It’s highly readable for a nonscientist, and it is helping me understand the intersection of public health and some of the hospital quality/infection problems that we need to address as a nation.” Read the post

Sara Reistad-Long, AOL Health | June 30th 2010
“Keep Summer Food Safe and Scrumptious” Read the article

Victual Reality with Tom Philpott, Edible Radio | June 15, 2010
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Jim Galloway, Political Insider, Atlanta Journal-Constitution | June 14, 2010
“Why you shouldn’t laugh at Johnny Isakson’s ear bump” Read the post

Radio Sustain, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy | June 10, 2010
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The Current with Hana Gartner, CBC Radio One | June 4, 2010
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Jenny Everett, Healthy Self, SELF Magazine | May 21, 2010
“I asked Maryn for advice on avoiding MRSA and bad bugs in general. Here’s what the scary-disease reporter had to say.” Read the Article

Word of Mouth with Virginia Prescott, New Hampshire Public Radio | May 18, 2010
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Katherine Hobson, Wall Street Journal | May 17, 2010
“Health Blog Q&A: ‘Superbug’ Author on Protecting Your Kid from MRSA” Read the Article

Nancy Shute, US News & World Report | May 14, 2010
“How can we keep our families safe from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus without becoming crazy germaphobes? I called up Maryn McKenna, a Minneapolis-based journalist and author of Superbug, to ask.” Read the Article

Frederik Joelving, Reuters Health | May 14, 2010
“When she first described it in 1961, Patricia Jevons, a British bacteriologist, may have had a hard time imagining that the tiny bug she was staring at would soon become a penicillin-mocking juggernaut — a superbug that kills an estimated 19,000 Americans a year and make millions more sick. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — or MRSA for short — is the subject of journalist Maryn McKenna’s new book Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA.”
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Related article: “A conversation with Maryn McKenna, author of Superbughere
Reuters Health podcast audio to come
Liveblogging of original audio here

Beth Galvin, Fox 5 Atlanta | May 13, 2010
“Fox 5 Special: Unhealthy Hospitals”
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Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Chicago Tribune | May 5, 2010
“During her years as a reporter covering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Maryn McKenna grew accustomed to being called ‘Scary Disease Girl,’ the bearer of titillating tales of exotic ailments unlikely to affect most people. McKenna’s new book, Superbug, is less deliciously frightening and more just plain scary.” Read the Article

Mike The Mad Biologist, ScienceBlogs | May 4, 2010
“”If you want the short version, Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA is a must read… McKenna makes it clear that this epidemic arose and persists because of human error.” Read the Article

Jason Zasky, Failure Magazine | April 30, 2010
“More widespread, more virulent and more resistant to antibiotics than ever before, drug-resistant staph deserves our attention—and respect.” Read the Article

Howard Gleckman, Caring for our Parents | April 29, 2010
“Part detective story, part expose, part careful explanation of the science of bacteria, Superbug is a frightening account of how this highly aggressive form of staph has spread from being a largely hospital-acquired infection to a widespread commmunity epidemic… If you operate a nursing home, assisted living facility, or home health agency, or are a family member whose loved ones need care, read this book.” Read the Article

Maja Ingeman (photos by Kate NG Summers), Heavy Table | April 29, 2010
“Meat and antibiotic resistance: A discussion at Spoonriver” Read the Article

Maggie Koerth-Baker, BoingBoing | April 28, 2010
“Superbug is not about an entomological caped crusader.
It’s more like a grown-up version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
The bug in question is MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that kills more Americans every year than AIDS. Superbug is the story of how we created our own monster-under-the-bed, how it spreads through hospitals and communities, and why it’s damn near impossible to control. If you have a cut or a pimple while reading this book, you are pretty much guaranteed to freak yourself out. And I mean that in the best possible way.” Read the Article

David Nichols, Simple, Good and Tasty | April 28, 2010
“Taking antibiotics? There’s a good chance your food is.” Read the Article

Melissa Graham, The Local Beet | April 27, 2010
“Before reading Superbug, the question of confinement-raised animals was an ethical one for me — whether the misery inflicted upon animals and, for that matter, the humans working in those facilities by the putrid conditions outweighed the need to eat cheap meat. Even the environmental degradation resulting from the inevitable careless management of CAFOs seemed a distant and intangible casualty. For me, Superbug has changed the argument from one of ethics to a moral imperative.” Read the Article

Rich Eldredge, ATL Intel | April 27, 2010
“With Michael Crichton-esque storytelling, McKenna pulls readers into a taut, real-life thriller.” Read the Article

Jeremy Iggers, TC Foodies | April 27, 2010
“Care for a little tetracycline with your burger?” Read the Article

The Pump Handle | April 25, 2010
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DailyKos | April 25, 2010
“…An excellent read, with well researched science but written at a level any news magazine reader could follow. The author has the experience to write about the topic with authority, without hectoring or lecturing the reader.”
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Sara Schwartz, the Washington Examiner | April 22, 2010
“A scary thing happened on the way to the hospital” Read the Article

Randy Dotinga, Voice of San Diego | April 21, 2010
“Two sick boys and a deadly medical mystery” Read the Article

Helena Bottemiller, Food Safety News | April 19, 2010
“Debate over antibiotic use in animal agriculture continues” Read the Article

Science Friday, NPR | April 16, 2010
Program page is here.
Download the podcast here.

William Heisel, Antidote | April 16, 2010
“…as frightening as a Dario Argento film and as well-researched as a Ken Burns documentary.” Read the Article

Pat Gardiner | April 10, 2010
“Deeply disturbing… An important book and essential reading for health workers, veterinarians, livestock farmers and indeed all humanity now facing a world where antibiotics are no longer a universal panacea to major and minor bacterial infections.” Read the Article

Meredith Anderson,The New Health Dialogue, New America Foundation | April 9, 2010
“Unless we take action now, McKenna explains in her highly-readable book, the future looks pretty grim. … McKenna’s exploration of MRSA is interesting and accessible, and honestly, a little scary. We use the word ‘unsustainable’ around here a lot to describe the health care status quo without reform. ‘Unsustainable’ is also a great word to describe our response to MRSA to date. The MRSA epidemic is worsening and requires decisive action. Now if you’ll excuse us, we think there’s a bottle of hand sanitizer around here somewhere.” Read the Article

Gary Schwitzer, publisher Health News Review | March 31, 2010
“… A terrific job of research, fact-finding, interviewing, storytelling and writing.” Read the Article

Barth Anderson, Fair Food Fight | March 31, 2010
“SUPERBUG is loaded with well-researched and -cited evidence, but we aren’t just reading bland case studies from an academic journal. Thanks to McKenna’s sure hand as a storyteller, readers come to the same shocked and frightened realizations that medical professionals do, faced with this new, unpredictable germ. But we also feel the crushing demoralization of the Job-like New Jersey DJ, “Big Jay” Sorensen, who becomes infected repeatedly with MRSA; the beleaguered parents of a terribly vulnerable fourteen-month-old boy make us ache with sympathy; and we feel a penetrating, creeping dread as we read about the prisons, schools, farms, and many public institutions that unwittingly spread MRSA. A scientific document with this kind of emotional impact is rare and welcome.” Read the Article
Bonus Q&A between Barth Anderson and Maryn McKenna here.

Teresa Weaver, Atlanta Magazine | April 2010
“Scalpel-sharp investigative skills … A scary and important book.” Read the Article

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, NPR | March 23, 2010
Read the story here.
Listen to the podcast here.

Caitlin Kelly, Broadside | March 23, 2010
“It’s extremely rare that I start a book, certainly non-fiction, never about science, and can’t put it down because it reads like a thriller. Maryn’s book Superbug, published today, is an astonishing read — I gulped it down in one sitting.” Read the Article

Journalism blogger David Manly | March 22, 2010
“A superbly written science book that reads like a novel.” Read the Article

Avian Flu Diary | March 21, 2010
“I can think of a great many superlatives to describe this book; engaging, harrowing, fascinating, powerful… even terrifying at times. But the descriptive term that keeps coming back to me is: Important.” Read the Article

The Ethicurean | April 14, 2009
Straight to the superbug supersource: Q&A with Maryn McKenna about MRSA in people — and pigs. Read the Article