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Catching up on MRSA news (not about me)

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Constant readers: I’m looking forward to having the breathing space to get back to in-depth blogging. Meanwhile, though, news is zipping by — so here’s a quick list of recent things worth reading. “Cows on Drugs” — a superb history of the 30-year-old fight to get unnecessary antibiotics out of food animals. Note, written by […]

MRSA research at Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America meeting

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As promised, a round-up of some of the research presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), held last weekend in San Diego. (Disclosure: I was on the faculty for the meeting; in exchange for co-hosting a session, SHEA will be reimbursing me for airfare and hotel. I wasn’t […]

HAI reporting: Should it be legislated?

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So assume for the purposes of argument that hospitals do not eliminate hospital-acquired infections, and that the states in which they operate require them to begin public reporting of their infection rates — as a means of (choose your motivator) shaming them into doing better, or warning the public if they do not. This argument […]

More about hospital-acquired infections

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As I said earlier, a panel of heavy hitters (and me, just the moderator) will meet later this month to debate the trend of states forcing hospitals to fess up to hospital-acquired infections. Nineteen states now require it and an additional handful have additional laws that specifically require MRSA reporting. The unstated assumption behind those […]